« …And you can have it in any colour you want as long as it’s your sound… »

Build your own sound with Repercussion patented Bessel vented snare. Choose vent characteristics : we will find spacers fitting exactly your needs to parameter the ported vent. Choose top and bottom shell independently (Height, thickness, material) Change the shell as easily as changing a head All mechanical elements on the chassis (snare strainer and butt … Continuer la lecture « …And you can have it in any colour you want as long as it’s your sound… »

First modes on snare drums

This post will be about summarising the understanding so far about snare drums mechanical behaviour, build parameters and sound characteristics. On all « classically vented » drums, the first mode is hard to spot because of its heavy damping – numerical simulation showed for a 14×6,5″ drum a first mode at 50Hz – in this case both … Continuer la lecture First modes on snare drums

Savart violin

Almost as classic as stradivarius or stratocaster…The savart Violin is exposed in Brussel’s musical instrument museum (highly recommended). This is one of the earliest attempt to understand the mechanics of violin and « re-engineer » the instrument with outstanding results at the time. If you have 28 minutes to spare, check out the documentary about Dr Claudia … Continuer la lecture Savart violin

Gongs &Cymbals

I had the chance to attend a presentation by Cyril Touzé from ENSTA ParisTech, about non linear vibration of thin plates. Usually the term « Non linear » is a show stopper for most engineers, It just means that the mathematical description of a system can not or no longer be simplified using linear relations (things like … Continuer la lecture Gongs &Cymbals