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Start tuning your sound

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François Laizeau

François Laizeau nous a fait l’honneur de venir tester les dernières productions Repercussion

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History of acoustics

Bart Van Der Zee had me in his “drum history podcast” to talk about the history of drums and the history of acoustics. Interestingly acoustics phenomenon have been observed for millennials but acoustics engineering is about 50 to 60 years old, drums was one of the first musical instrument but its physical understanding just starts…

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“…And you can have it in any colour you want as long as it’s your sound…”

Build your own sound with Repercussion patented Bessel vented snare. Choose vent characteristics : we will find spacers fitting exactly your needs to parameter the ported vent. Choose top and bottom shell independently (Height, thickness, material) Change the shell as easily as changing a head All mechanical elements on the chassis (snare strainer and butt…

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