IMG_1379At Repercussion we envision the drum making activity alike housing : there are a lot of very skilled craftsmen acting primarely for “interior architecture” tailoring visual aspects to one’s needs, and there are fewer architects working on the fundamental functions and global experience of your home – or your drum in our case – understanding the science beneath it and procuring design breakthrough for innovative concepts.

We – of course – respect both of these worlds because you will feel better and play better if you like what you play for a number of perceptive or non perceptive reasons (look, sound, image, culture…), but our feeling is that the balance between efforts put into acoustic innovation and “nice-looking” drums is yet not reached on the market today.

Our focus is clearly in the acoustic design research, proposing to the demanding artists innovative concepts to enhance his/her choice. There are certainly many ways to build a drum, all ending with their acoustic and aesthetic pros and cons, but the refined understanding of the physics of sound generation for a drum is yet to be written.