Bessel Vented Drums

RƎPERCUSSION’s innovative porting/venting design focuses on providing drummers with an enhanced drumming experience, with extremely articulate sound and superior presence.

first prototypes of radial vented snare drums

The maths behind drum venting :

RƎPERCUSSION’s Bessel Vented Drums are named after Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel, a german mathematician who gave his name to specific functions used to describe the wave equation solution for horns, membranes, vibrating plates, etc…

In RƎPERCUSSION’s snare drum, a very specific vent profile is created to maximise conversion to sound waves, following Bessel’s equations.


Radial Venting :

Drums being axisymmetrical objects, why then disrupt this with a single location for one or several “vents”? In order to achieve a homogeneous sound field around the drum, RƎPERCUSSION has chosen a rather radial opening.

Sound :

These drums have a somewhat dryer, warmer and extremely focused sound with immediate feeling of projection and presence, for the audience and for the drummer. Back-to-back benchmark test with high end instruments have demonstrated this effect among extremely demanding performers looking for a very specific sound.

Build :

RƎPERCUSSION drums are made of high quality shells, and worked to specific designs to achieve homogeneous sound radiation patterns.

Please contact us for further details.

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