Testing “Bessel vented” drums

Directly derived from the results in the lab, I built a set of chassis with varying air gap that are able to hold any type of top and bottom shell combination. Those chassis are holding all lugs and snare strainer, and most importantly are shaped in a way that the opened surface from the inside out follows a specific “impedance adaptation” curve for the best acoustical conversion.

This architecture is a major step towards “sound shaping” for demanding drummers in search of their personal sound. I have added a set of parameters that can be adjusted to tailor the sound very precisely : air gap, top shell and bottom shell can be changed independantly

I shot a video in my home studio to feature the effects of changing top / bottom shells using a 8mm air gap chassis, with 6 ply maple (4mm) shells of both 2 and 3″ height, resulting in 3 different sound characteristics.

Sorry for the very poor drumming skills.

The sound was recorded with AKG P17 overhead through blue tube preamp, and a AKG P2 kick , snare was close miked with a SM57 3-4 inches off the head, pointing to its center.

No EQ, Compression, Gate or any effect has been added for the purpose of this video.

Repercussion snares 8 mm







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