“…And you can have it in any colour you want as long as it’s your sound…”

Build your own sound with Repercussion patented Bessel vented snare.

  • Choose vent characteristics : we will print out spacers fitting exactly your needs to parameter the ported vent.
  • Choose top and bottom shell independently (Height, thickness, material)
  • Change the shell as easily as changing a head
  • All mechanical elements on the chassis (snare strainer and butt plate – not represented below)
  • Want to change your sound ? get some new spacers printed from us and/or change one or two shells ! Mix and match metals / woods/.. to tailor the sound colour to your exact needs –
  • Build it yourself : No drilling, No adjustment, as simple as a Swedish furniture.

Oh and of course, like all other drum makers you can have it in any colour or finishes – once you found your sound.

See samples in True sound tailored Drums

Soon issued : full drum kits !


Construction of the patented Bessel vented snare drums – heads and tension rods are not shown, they bolt into the fully threaded M12 stainless steel bolt, threaded on both sides, which holds the whole chassis together.

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