Quick, Easy and good sounding”Octobans”


A quick and easy enhancement to your drum set might be “Octobans” as originally named. if you want to do these, find some 150mm OD acrylic tube, I chose mine in 5mm thickness (140mm ID) and cut the length to have quarter wavelength resonators (including mouth correction) of tempered scale notes.

Lugs, hoops and heads are standard (6″) and I have chosen floor tom brackets to hold these in position on 9,5mm rod Gibraltar percussion stand…

…What I do not know yet (but soon) is how much we can consider those as quarter wavelength provided there is ans opened end as needed, but what about the “closed” end …with a membrane ? Any chance of this moving the resonances inside the volume (coupling…)

All in all they cost about a third of the list price for brands historically proposing these..so provided it is fairly easy to do and the result is up to the expectations, have a go !

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